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quarta-feira, 30 de novembro de 2022

CD Sir Mix-A-Lot - Swass

 Sir Mix-A-Lot - Swass

Selo:American Recordings – 9 26970-2 Rhyme Cartel Records – 9 26970-2
Formato:CD Album Repress
Genre:Hip Hop
Estilo:Pop Rap Gangsta Bass Music Electro
Format/Quality:Mp3 320 kbps

01. Buttermilk Biscuits (Keep On Square Dancin')
02. Posse On Broadway
03. Gold
04. Swass
05. Rippn' (Duet With Kid Sensation)
06. Attack On The Stars
07. Mall Dropper
08. Hip Hop Soldier
09. Iron Man (Featuring Metal Church)
10. Bremelo
11. Square Dance Rap
12. Romantic Interlude
13. F The BS 

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CD AB Logic - Real World (1994)

 AB Logic - Real World (1994)

Selo:Ariola – 74321 211812 BMG – 74321 211812
Formato:CD Maxi-Single
Estilo:Euro House Eurodance
Format/Quality:Mp3 320 kbps

1 Real World (Radio Edit)
2 Real World (Extended Mix)
3 Real World (Groovy Mix)
4 Real World (Euro Mix)
5 Real World (Grunge Mix)
6 Real World (Logical Mix) 

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terça-feira, 29 de novembro de 2022

CD Fanny Cadeo - I Want Your Love (Maxi-Single)

 Fanny Cadeo - I Want Your Love (Maxi-Single)

Selo:Do It Yourself Music Group 805645 0044516
Formato:CD Maxi-Single
País: Italy
Genre:Euro House
Estilo:Italodance Euro House
Format/Quality:FLAC (*.flac)

1 I Want Your Love (Radio Edit) 
2 I Want Your Love (Original Mix) 
3 I Want Your Love (Mr. Marvin Mix) 
4 I Want Your Love (Mr. Marvin Catwoman Mix) 
5 I Want Your Love (2Nd Choice) 
6 I Want Your Love (Kamasutra Rmx) 
7 I Want Your Love (Love Train Rmx) 
8 I Want Your Love (M2 Summer Mix) 

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CD Salt 'N' Pepa - A Salt With A Deadly Pepa - (1988)

 Salt 'N' Pepa - A Salt With A Deadly Pepa - (1988)

Selo:London Records – 828 102-2 Next Plateau Records Inc. – 828 102-2
Formato:CD Album
Genre:Hip Hop
Estilo:Pop Rap
Format/Quality:FLAC (*.flac)

01. "Intro Jam" 
02. "A Salt with a Deadly Pepa" 
03. "I Like It Like That" 
04. "Solo Power (Let's Get Paid) (Salt Solo)" 
05. "Shake Your Thang" (Feat. E.U.) (Isley, Isley)
06. "I Gotcha" 
07. "Let the Rhythm Run" Remix 
08. "Get Up Everybody (Get Up)" 
09. "Spinderella's Not a Fella (But a Girl DJ)" 
10. "Solo Power (Syncopated Soul) (Pepa Solo)" 
11. "Twist and Shout"  (Medley, Russell)
12. "Hyped on the Mic"  

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CD Salt 'N' Pepa - Hot Cool & Vicious - (1986)

 Salt 'N' Pepa - Hot Cool & Vicious - (1986)

Selo:Champion – CHAMP CD 1007
Formato:CD Album
Genre:Hip Hop
Estilo:Hip-Hop Dance
Format/Quality:FLAC (*.flac)

01. "Push It" (Remix) (Hurby Azor)
02. "Beauty and the Beat" (Azor) 
03. "Tramp" (Lowell Fulson, Jimmy McCracklin, Azor) 
04. "I'll Take Your Man" (Clinton, Collins, Worrell, Azor) 
05. "It's Alright" (Azor) 
06. "Chick on the Side" (Remix) (Anita Pointer, Bonnie Pointer, June Pointer, Ruth Pointer, David Rubinson, Azor)
07. "I Desire" (Azor, N. Wilson) 
08. "The Show Stoppa (Is Stupid Fresh )" (Azor) 
09. "My Mic Sound Nice" (Azor) 

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CD Capital Cities - Safe And Sound 11th Anniversary Bundle

 Capital Cities - Safe And Sound 11th Anniversary Bundle

Selo:Capitol Records – 24/441
Formato:CD EP
Genre:Electronic Pop
Estilo:Indie Pop Dance-pop
Format/Quality:FLAC (*.flac)

✧ 01 - Safe And Sound (Jonah Walsh Remix) 
✧ 02 - Safe And Sound (Morgan Phillips Remix) 
✧ 03 - Safe And Sound (Rubic & QTNT Remix) 
✧ 04 - Safe And Sound (ZIFRIOS & AnyMoreZ Hardstyle Remix) 
✧ 05 - Safe And Sound (AddYourOwnParts Redux) 
✧ 06 - Safe And Sound (Jonah Walsh & Sebu Ողջ Առողջ Remake)
✧ 07 - Safe And Sound (Milk N Cooks Dub Remix) 

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CD Capital Cities - Solarize

 Capital Cities - Solarize

Selo:Capitol Records – 00602567781110
Formato:CD Album
Genre:Electronic Pop
Estilo:Indie Pop Dance-pop
Format/Quality:Mp3 320 kbps

01. Space 
02. Swimming Pool Summer 
03. My Name Is Mars 
04. Venus & River 
05. Levitate 
06. Drop Everything
07. Just Say When 
08. Girl Friday 
09. Gatekeeper Julie (Feat. Jim Svejda) 
10. Only If You Want It 
11. Drifting 
12. Sunburn Surrender 
13. Vowels 
14. Good Enough 

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segunda-feira, 28 de novembro de 2022

CD Information Society - Hits

 Information Society - Hits

Selo:Flashback Records – R2 78171
Formato:CD Compilation
Estilo:Electro Synth-pop

1-What’s On Your Mind (Pure Energy)
3-Walking Away (Radio Version)
4-Lay All Your Love On Me
6-How Long
7-Now That I Have You
8-Peace & Love, Inc. (Radio Remix)
9-Going, Going, Gone
10-To Be Free

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CD Cappella - Deluxe Collection BOX (2017)

Cappella - Deluxe Collection BOX (2017)

Selo:ZYX Music – ZYX BOX 010
Formato:Caixa de Coletânea Compilation 3 x CD Compilation CD Maxi-Single
Estilo:Euro House

▼CD 1:The Remixes
1-Move On Baby (Cappella Gigamix)
2-U Got 2 Know (Cappella Gigamix)
3-U Got 2 Let The Music (Cappella Gigamix)
4-U & Me (Underground Mix)
5-U Got 2 Know (A La Carte Paris)
6-Move It Up
7-Move On Baby (XClub & XDub Mix)
8-U Got 2 Let The Music (DJ Professor Trance X Cut)
9-Take Me Away (Techno Mix)
10-U & Me (DJ EFX's Disco Latino Mescla)
11-The Big Beat

▼CD 2:Best OF
1-Tell Me The Way
2-I Need Your Love
3-Turn It Up And Down
4-Helyom Halib
5-Move On Baby
6-U & Me
7-U Got 2 Let The Music
8-Move It Up
9-Be My Baby
10-Festival Megamix: Move On Baby / U & Me / U Got 2 Let The Music

▼CD 3:Greatest Hits
1-U Got 2 Let The Music
2-Tell Me The Way
3-Be My Baby
4-Move On Baby
5-You Took My Heart
6-Turn It Up And Down
7-I Need Your Love
8-U & Me
9-Helyom Halib
10-Move It Up
11-Do You Run Away Now
12-War In Heaven
13-Back In Your Life
14-Stay With Me
15-Another Day
16-U Got 2 Let The Music (DJ Shogs Remix)

▼CD 4:U Got 2 Let The Music (Maxi Single)
1-U Got 2 Let The Music (DJ Shogs Radio Edit)
2-U Got 2 Let The Music (DJ Shogs Remix)
3-U Got 2 Let The Music (Unreleased Mix)
4-U Got 2 Let The Music (Pulsedriver VS. Bass-T Remix)
5-U Got 2 Let The Music (DJ Pierre Mix) 

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CD Cappella - Best Of (2010)

 Cappella - Best Of (2010)

Selo:ZYX Music – ZYX 20929-2
Formato:CD Compilation
Estilo:Eurodance Euro-House

01. Be My Baby [Edit Energy Mix]
02. U Tore My World Apart [Rafzone Mix] 
03. U Got 2 Let The Music [Brescia Edit] 
04. Move It Up [Fierce Edit] 
05. Tell Me The Way [Video Mix] 
06. Can U Feel It Babe [Radio Edit Mix] 
07. Do You Run Away Now [Mars Plastic Mix] 
08. U R The Power Of Love [String Mix] 
09. U Turn Me On [Radio Edit Mix] 
10. U Got 2 Know [Raf On Air Mix] 
11. Helyom Halib [House Revenge Mix] 
12. U & Me [The Sound Of The Future] 
13. Get Out Of My Case [12 Inches Mix] 
14. Move On Baby [Extended Mix] 

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